Healthy Brain

It is failry common knowledge that if you want a healthy body you should eat healthy and exercise. And while looking and feeling good is important for a long and healthy life, most people tend to skip out on their brain health.

So what should I be taking?

The best natual supplements to take are Magnesium, Vitamin B12, and Fish Oil. Magnesium is a great way to promote health blood vessels which allow oxygen rich blood to circulate throughout the body; including your brain, which relys on oxygen to function. Vitamin B12 is a great supplement which aids in helping memory loss. It is also helpful to boots energy! And Fish Oil are rich in Omega-3 which reduces inflammation, supports vision, and other benefits for a healthy brain.

You should always check with your Primary Care Doctor before taking any over the counter medication. But if you’d like to learn more about brain health call 301-588-7888 and ask away!