Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)/ Plasma rich in Growth Factors (PRGF)

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a non-surgical technique to promote healing and recovery. Platelets are some of the body’s first responders to injury, where these cells release growth factors to initiate healing. For PRP your blood is drawn, and platelets are highly concentrated for injection. The highly concentrated platelets are directly injected into injured tissue. Here at M.O.S.T. we have a high quality PRP administered under image guidance.

For further reading about PRP, studies have included the following:

Knee Osteoarthritis:

Hip Osteoarthritis

Tendinopathies in general

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)

Rotator cuff tears/ injury

Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) Pain

Hair loss

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome