Regenerative Medicine

Orthobiologics, also known as orthopedic regenerative medicine, is a rapidly growing field to naturally promote healing and improve pain and function. Regenerative medicine involves stimulating your natural healing processes. For some of these procedures your own cells, from blood, fat tissue, or bone marrow, may be concentrated and injected directly to where you are experiencing pain or injury. These cells may improve recovery or minimize damage from degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis. Musculoskeletal ultrasound or x-ray guidance may be used to precisely deliver injectable orthobiologics to your location of pain or dysfunction.

Medical Director: Joshua Martin, MD

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Regenerative Medicine/ Orthobiologics Q & A

Why should I seek regenerative medicine?

Many musculoskeletal conditions do not require surgery, and sometimes physical therapy is not sufficient. Recent studies also demonstrate that steroid injections may have adverse effects on tendons, may have worse long term outcomes for tendon damage, and that repeated steroid injections may accelerate osteoarthritis for joints. For these reasons physicians have been researching alternative treatments. The goal for regenerative medicine is to improve healing focusing on better long-term outcomes, rather than short term Band-Aids.

What should I expect after regenerative medicine treatments, such as PRP?
Improvements may take weeks, and some initial soreness is normal. Your provider will talk you through the specifics for any procedure. Outcomes are typically best when combined with physical therapy.

Why aren’t more people considering regenerative treatments such as PRP?
Regenerative treatments are fairly new, and many patients and providers are not yet familiar with this technology. Additionally, not all PRP is created equal, and results may vary between practices and patients. Here at M.O.S.T. we have a high quality PRP with high platelet count and low red blood cell counts. We can also use image guidance to ensure accuracy of injection.